Kitten that No One Expected to Live to See Her First Birthday, Surprises Them All

Kitten that No One Expected to Live to See Her First Birthday, Surprises Them All

No one expected this tiny kitten with a broken heart to live to see her first birthday, but the kitty kept beating the odds.

Thumbelina and her three brothers came to Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary from an accidental litter. “She was less than half the size of her brothers so straight away we knew she was special,” the rescue told Love Meow.

They gave her a health check and were hoping that with some TLC and one-to-one care that she would start to catch up. Over the next 48 hours, they noticed that she would tire easily, and after a little play session, she collapsed and became very pale. They took her back to the vets.

Thumbelina was born with a heart defect but the little tuxedo wouldn’t let anything stop her.

Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary

Thumbelina desperately needed an ultrasound with a specialist vet to help them decide what the best treatment was for her, but they had to wait for another month as the kitten was too small to scan at the time.

Her feline siblings went off to their forever homes while they continued monitoring Thumbelina in her foster home.

Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary

Once she had her scan, the results revealed a very poor prognosis.

She had severe problems with the valves in her heart, and there was no surgical treatment available and she was not expected to live to see her first birthday.

Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary

“She showed at least a bit of kindness check and unfortunately had a few deformities and a valve which hadn’t developed effectively. The authority said she had done incredibly to survive this long yet it was very likely that she wouldn’t make the primary year,” the protect disclosed to Love Meow.

Regardless of everything, Thumbelina was dependably in great spirits and needed just to be with her temporary parents.

Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary

“There is no operation or medication that can help the kitty due to the complexity of her issues,” the rescue added.

“So her loving foster parents (Colin and Anna) decided that they would keep Thumbelina for however long she had.”

Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary

“She was flourishing as any typical little cat yet exactly at a slower rate and furthermore a large portion of her size for her age. She tired effectively after a play yet took herself for a rest.”

Colin and Anna never abandoned their little beloved newborn and gave her affection and nestles each day.

Fast forward to today, Thumbelina reached another major milestone and stunned her vets with her amazing will to live.

“The heart specialist said she probably wouldn’t see her first birthday but here we are. She has turned one today!”

Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary

The tiny kitten who was half her size for her age, has blossomed into a gorgeous tuxedo cat.

She may have a broken heart but she has so much to give.

Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary

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